I’m EXCITED!…Bibles!

★ I’m EXCITED! about raising money for Bibles & I’m asking you to help too! ★ As The Epitome of RE-Creation!…THE CarlaStarla! is Excited! to collaborate with an AWESOME! organization…XXXchurch.com to raise money for Bibles! “The ‘Jesus Loves Porn Stars’ (JLPS) Bible debuted in June of 2006 at the Erotica L.A. convention in Los Angeles. We gave out … Continue reading

I’m EXCITED!…Help for Ex-Offenders!

While scanning the web I became Excited! to see that other organizations are stepping-up within the community to support “Ex-Offenders” & they’re reaping the benefits of it! Since 2009, the cultural center (located in Ohio) has helped hundreds of ex-offenders find jobs, improve interviewing skills, revamp resumes and manage bank accounts. It even helps them … Continue reading

Who Am I?

★ Sunday, May 06, 2007 I am a receiver of Compliments. I’ve been called by many a dark skinned Jada Pinkett full of attitude and spunk! Cuz calls me a modern day Dorothy Dandridge with class and chutzpa! Gwama called me Saga Gal reminiscent of her in her diva days! Beautiful…Classy…Diva…Intelligent…Hardworking…Honored…Loved…Lucky, etc. Everyone that knows … Continue reading


Wishing You a BLAST! in…2012! May you be Blessed with an… ABUNDANCE! …of your Heart’s Desire! ★ HAPPY NEW YEAR! ★ Love… The EXCITED!…THE Carla★Starla! http://www.THECarlaStarla.com Note: for faster website loading…get Safari 5.1 for FREE! at http://www.apple.come/safari/download

Introducing…THE CarlaStarla!

Unemployment… Divorce… Loss of Her Children… Acquiring a Felony Charge… & Homelessness…within ONE YEAR! THE CarlaStarla’s peculiar quiddity of being able to Smile & have Joy as she endures adversities, trials & challenges, deems her to be the epitome of Hope, Excellence & Inspiration! With every keynote spoken & with every workshop facilitated, THE CarlaStarla! … Continue reading