I’m EXCITED!…The Secret! {Video}

This book has Inspired! the creation of the BE A STAR! Vision Board Making Workshop…

Watch the first 20 minutes of the Awesome! filmThe Secret!

Vision Boards are the easiest & most effective way to stay on track with your goals & dreams! As you manifest your desires you build momentum which in-turn keeps you motivated to keep moving forward! You ask
What is a Vision Board?
A Vision Board is a form of art that you create…
full of various tangible & intangible things that
you envision & desire to possess in your life!
THE CarlaStarla!

If you’re serious about having all you desire…come join us at the BE A STAR! Vision Board Making Workshop for a fun & interactive process, where you create your very own vision board, not a bunch of “How-To” instructions!
You get
Board Making Supplies! (feel free to bring pictures of yourself & family)
to Network with Like-Minded People!
a New Perspective on Your Life!
a Certificate of RE-Creation!
Resulting in a huge jump-start to RE-Create! the Life You Want!

Workshops are forming now

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As The Epitome of RE-Creation!THE CarlaStarla! shares experiences that have EXCITED! INSPIRED! her…


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