Who Are You?…Do You Make BAD Choices?

THE CarlaStarla! has personally accepted that acknowledging who she is helps with living an Awesome Life!  I’ve Excitedly! shared with you my liberating declaration of Who I Am!…an Awesome Discovery!

I AM a Strong-Minded, Respectful, Beauteous Chocolatey,Virtuous Woman!  

~THE CarlaStarla!

Now it’s your turn


Do you make Bad Choices?


an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities

~ the right or ability to make, or possibility of making, such a selection

~ a range of possibilities from which one or more may be selected

~ a course of action, thing, or person that is selected or decided upon

Here’s what the Bible says about choices

I say to GOD,
“Be my Lord!
Without you,
nothing makes sense.
Psalm 16:2

My choice is you, GOD,
first and only.
And now I find I’m your choice!
Psalm 16:5

We plan the way we want to live,
but only GOD makes us able to live it.
Proverbs 16:9

Get wisdom—
it’s worth more than money;
choose insight over income every time.
Proverbs 16:16

Words kill,
words give life;
they’re either poison or fruit—
you choose.
Proverbs 18:21

27 Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose
men and women that the culture overlooks
and exploits
and abuses,
28 chose these “nobodies”
to expose the hollow pretensions of the “somebodies”?
1 Corinthians 1:27-28

If you choose to speak,
you’re also responsible for how
and when you speak.
1 Corinthians 14:32

There are many out there taking other paths,
choosing other goals,
and trying to get you to go along with them.
I’ve warned you of them many times;
sadly, I’m having to do it again.
All they want is easy street.
They hate Christ’s Cross.
Philippians 3:18
 THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language
©2002, by Eugene H. Peterson
The Message Bible Online 

Next week

 #3Do you engage in Bad Compromises?

Shiny & Salty TRUTH! Ministries is a virtual resource designed to Inspirethe “Un-Saved” & “Saved” via experiences of THE CarlaStarlato make the Wisest Decision of Salvation through Jesus Christ Living in His Righteousness, so you can live an Awesome Life!

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