I’m EXCITED!…Help for Ex-Offenders!

While scanning the web I became Excited! to see that other organizations are stepping-up within the community to support “Ex-Offenders” & they’re reaping the benefits of it!

Since 2009, the cultural center (located in Ohio) has helped hundreds of ex-offenders find jobs, improve interviewing skills, revamp resumes and manage bank accounts. It even helps them pay for rent.

“We provide these services because it’s easy for ex-offenders to revert back to what they know, instead of breaking through the barriers,” Adams said. “That’s comfortable for them, but they have to learn to press through and make it to the other side.”  read entire article

Here’s another one…

Sarah Gordon, associate director of the Sammons Group and the chair of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s (REC’S) Diversity & Inclusion Forum, explained that some organisations are sceptical of offering career development opportunities to ex-offenders.

However, she noted that this should not be the case, as people who have spent time behind bars are less likely to re-offend if they find employment.

She added: “In our experience ex-offenders can be some of the most diligent and productive members of staff because many feel they have more to prove.”  read entire article

Question:  Business owner or managerDo you currently hire “Ex-Offenders”?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Life AfterWHATEVER! is committed to providing free professional coaching for “Ex-Offenders”,

as they make various transitions within their life, because there is Life AfterWHATEVER!

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2 Responses to “I’m EXCITED!…Help for Ex-Offenders!”
  1. donna says:

    I like it.

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