Who Am I?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I am a receiver of Compliments.
I’ve been called by many a dark skinned Jada Pinkett full of attitude and spunk!
Cuz calls me a modern day Dorothy Dandridge with class and chutzpa!
Gwama called me Saga Gal reminiscent of her in her diva days!
BeautifulClassyDivaIntelligentHardworkingHonoredLovedLucky, etc.
Everyone that knows me knows who I am to them.
But who am I to me?
I never put too much effort to find out my biography of facts.  Why?
Everyone had it figured out.

I AM A STRONG-MINDED Respectful Beauteous Chocolatey Virtuous WOMAN!

I forget, at times, I’m supposed to be strong-minded.
Maybe I’m not as strong as I profess myself to be,
if I can allow those with lesser brilliance than I
to overwhelm me, then step into my circumference in order to snuff out my splendor.
No one has the power to defuse a Star!
Only MY Omnipotent God can tell a Star, to shine no more.
I was created to be an Ultimate Influence to those that know & know of me.
Where I’ve been, will always be illuminated with personal memoirs
from those that were honored with my presence of love & good tidings,
not because I possessed it, but because others needed it.

I AM A Strong-Minded RESPECTFUL Beauteous Chocolatey Virtuous WOMAN!

It could be said too polite.
To heed everyone’s advice when God has given me the ability to reason with myself.
At times I need to end unproductive or destructive conversation for my soul’s sake.
God is Good, he’s got my back.

I AM A Strong-Minded Respectful BEAUTEOUS CHOCOLATEY Virtuous WOMAN!

Glowing, Brown or Grey, Curled, Straight or Straggly
I am one of the best hues made, Dark.
Blemishes can’t reside on my complexion.
Other skin tones envy me and attempt to emulate me in the name of beauty.
Then end up with stains, specks of cancer and markings or crow’s feet.
I love me and so do others.  No one will love me if I don’t love me first.
It’s fun & delicious to love me.

I AM A Strong-Minded Respectful Beauteous Chocolatey VIRTUOUS WOMAN!

I am a lover of a man as well as my God.
I’ve found myself deciding where to be.
I’ve made many non-virtuous choices in my lifetime which have left me conflicted.
At the top of the list I have fornicated & committed adultery
and have not been allowed to forget it.
I will never be able to forget it, or so they want me to believe.
I chose to take a job, under circumstances not advised,
to mold and persuade individuals to become upright citizens
of every group they’re a part of.
I am in love with a man immensely.
His body, his brain, his ethics, his face, his love, his sense of responsibility,
in short his manhood.
I want to consume everything about him.
ThenI remember Him who holds eternity & must put God first.

~THE CarlaStarla!

On Saturday

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