clinically known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

I’ve been inside since December 23rd, with the exception of an hour to run an errand!
What’s the cure for Cabin Fever?!?
Google time…
Now per this eHow article…
The #1 cure is to Sleep Alot!
…hibernate like a bear {I thought it was a symptom! O_o}
After another search, here are some symptoms I’m experiencing…
• Always feeling tired
• Feeling unproductive and unmotivated
• Feeling sad or depressed
• Lethargy
• Difficulty concentrating
• Craving carbohydrates or sugar
• Difficulty waking in the morning
Sleeping in excess. {I was right…it is a symptom too! ;D}

Another culprit for me has been electronics…my Macbook Pro & iPhone!
Also, consider shutting off all the electronics and unplug for awhile. Decrease your screen time and do things that are more interactive like reading books, magazines or breaking out a game board/puzzle. The key is to stimulate the brain and interact with others.
After hibernation, unplugging the electronics & a long bath, I’ll go outside!
Maybe not in that order but…I hear there’s snow on the way…
WINTER is NOT my favorite season &
SNOW is NOT my favorite form of precipitation…
I Gotta Get Outbefore the snow arrives!

Tell meHow will you WIN your bout with Cabin Fever?

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